New Ablative Material From Kaneka Aerospace

Benicia, CA, Oct 29, 2020 – Kaneka Aerospace is introducing new ablative materials, Kaneka Prepreg 408-7-4 and Kaneka Composite Resin 408-7. These materials are applicable for any ablative material that is currently using phenolic technology for ablative applications, and are particularly suited for ablative applications requiring structural integrity. Key product benefits relative to traditionally used phenolic prepreg systems are listed below.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced voids in final part – no water generation upon cure
  • Simplified processing conditions – epoxy prepreg-like
  • Improved consistency in processing
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Reduction in manufacturing costs and scrap-rate
  • Same ablative performance relative to phenolics
  • Infusion version also available

The above benefits derive from unique technology that eliminates water generation during prepreg curing, which is inherent in phenolic systems due to the chemistry of cure. As a result, standard epoxy cure pressures and cycles could be applied. This contrasts with phenolic systems, which require elevated pressures and longer cure times to mitigate/minimize the effect of voids resulting from water generated upon cure.